Smart City

Our application boosts your brand empowerment, improves market performance and reduces payment hassles for customers.


Our smart city solutions range from mobile ticketing, open loop transit, fuel payment solutions to loyalty applications.

Redesigning The Payment Wheel

Smart cities require digitized solutions, rich data mining capabilities to know users better, connected systems and seamless experience in assessing services and payments. Payments form the core of every economic flow – including salaries, consumer spending, business procurement and taxes. MSS’s solution enable on the go payments and connected commerce solutions, banking high on omni-channel assessbility, rich data tools and IOT capabilities.

Open-Loop And Closed-Loop Architecture

We provide support for payments through both EMV based open-loop(Payments that can be made at most retail outlets using international standards) and closed loop(It only works with specific retailers usually based on proprietary technology) architecture.

Payment Instruments Like Chip And Mobile Handset

We prioritize the security of custmoer’s payment, so we endorse EMV chip card and mobile contactless transactions for improving security against fraud compared to magnetic stripe card transactions that rely on the holder’s signature & visual inspection of the card to check for features such as a hologram.